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Halloween Facts For Kids

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Do you know that Halloween is the most celebrated festival after Christmas in the country? The trend of celebrating the festival is So far so good. But, even though, children love celebrating Halloween due to the candies or treats they get, it is important to know that there are some facts about Halloween which children don’t remember. That is the reason we have gathered a list of Halloween facts for kids.

Halloween Facts For Kids

What Halloween Actually Is?

  • Halloween is celebrated on the evening just before two Christian holy days, namely All Saints day on November 1 and All Souls day on November 2.
  • Both, the kids and adults dress up in different clothes and go to costume parties.
  • Some people share scary stories with each other and often prefer to visit so-called haunted places.
  • Pranks and tricks are also common on Halloween nights.
  • Some people also prefer staying at home and watch horror movies.
  • Some superstitions- especially the ones which advice to light bonfires in the yard to keep the evil away- are also followed.

  How Halloween Got Its Name?

  • Its name came from the word the Hallow’s which changed with time to Halloween.

Is Halloween Actually A Holiday?

  • Yes, Halloween is a national day and a holiday in most of the western countries. It is filled with lots of candies, costumes, makeup and glow sticks.

What Is Celebrated On Halloween?

  • Again, Halloween celebrates two different historical occasions,

One of which is the Samhain (summer’s) end of harvest and the other is All Hollow’s Day.

What Halloween Means For Children?

  • For children, it is an exciting holiday in which they are allowed to wear ghostly costumes. Also, the trick or treat, where they go out and gather candies from the neighborhood is the icing on the cake.

What Is The Trick-Or-Treat?

  • This is the part children love most about Halloween. This is an activity where children visit houses and ask “trick or treat?” The house owners have to provide them with candies or pranks are played by them.
  • In some of the countries, children add magical tricks, music or joke the activity.

Who Invented The Halloween?

  • Halloween is followed back to 2000 years of age Celtic celebration called Samhain, which was a festival celebrated at the end of the summer’s end.

History Of Trick-Or-Treat?

  • This is the most interesting Halloween fact for kids. It is connected to the custom of souling.
  • In this custom, the poor used to go out of the house and beg for soul cakes. If they were reduced they would curse the owners and if they were provided with the soul cakes they prayed for the dead.
  • Bread with currants was the main ingredient of the soul cakes.

Why Pumpkins Are Carved On Halloween?

  • An old tale is responsible for this act of carving huge pumpkins. According to it, a farmer named stinky jack died and was not allowed to enter either the heaven or the hell. So, he decided to create lantern by using coal and turnip, in order to guide his soil.
  • The story was believed by the Celtics and they followed it by placing Jack o’ Lanterns out of their homes.
  • Interestingly, before the potato famine, potatoes were used instead of pumpkins.

Who Brought The Halloween To America?

  • The Irish people who came in the nineteenth century first begin the tradition of Halloween in America.
  • During the mid-twentieth century, the festival became very popular and was celebrated in most of the parts of America.
  • Its popularity has increased by leaps and bounds during the last few years and today it is a community festival.

How Long Has Halloween Been Around For?

  • Halloween is a festival which was first celebrated around 2000 years ago.

How To Celebrate Halloween 2018?

This is an important thing that children are sometimes worried about, every Halloween. This is the reason, the Swift Green Filters has decided to include the best ways to celebrate the occasion in the list of Halloween Facts For Kids.

  • Try to watch suitable (for your age) scary movies with your friends or family, outdoors.
  • Set up homemade jack-o-lanterns on display outside of your home.
  • Go and hang out with friends, while sharing horror stories.
  • Dress up in a theme costume.

Some More Halloween Facts For Kids

  • Earlier children used to dance or sing before getting any treat from the house.
  • In old days, costumes were made of animal skins.
  • Jack-o-lanterns were also made from beets.
  • Some towns used to describe Halloween as “Cabbage Nights”.
  • Around 20 million Halloween cards are distributed throughout the world, each year.
  • In the year the number of children aged between 5 and 14 going for trick or treat was 41.1 million. Astonishingly it tripled in the year 2014.
  • The number of Americans celebrating Halloween in 2018 is expected to be 175 million.
  • The total expected expenditure for Halloween 2018 is staggering $9 billion.

So, that ends the list of Halloween Facts for kids.

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